NPTE Final Frontier App

NPTE- The Final Frontier strives to be at the forefront of innovative developments to help students prepare for the NPTE. From launching daily questions on Facebook groups few years ago, to live classes taught by PhD instructors, we always try to move the NPTE community forward.

This means we are especially pleased to announce the release of two new tools for NPTE test takers: The NPTE- The Final Frontier Audio Bundle (found on the enroll page) and the NPTE Final Frontier app.

These two tools will work together or separately to help you achieve your goals. The Audio Bundle includes recordings of all live classes, all class notes, daily timetable and practice questions. You can enroll for the Audio Bundle on our website ( The app is free, and includes timed quizzes and daily practice questions, all with immediate detailed feedback and rationales.

Many students are studying in-between the things going on in their daily lives, and the App and Audio Bundle gives you a chance to carry high quality, in depth content with you wherever you are: Commuting, cooking dinner, working out or even to reinforce your traditional studying methods.

We hope you will try them out, give us feedback, and use the content to make this attempt your last attempt at the NPTE!

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