Peak at the right time for your first NPTE

There is no better feeling than passing the NPTE on the first attempt. Work on your study plan steadily for the first few weeks and take one practice exam after reviewing the basics. Use your result from this practice exam as your baseline and keep reviewing the material according to the NPTE blueprint. Your retired PEAT score will give you the best idea of your target score. The passing score on retired PEAT is 151 for 2013-2017 and 154 for 2018. Make a list of your weak areas after each exam and keep converting them to your strong areas.

After you finish at least two practice exams, start chasing a target score. Remember that while a high score can seem important, you will be licensed whether your score is 601 or 780; be strategic about bringing up your weaker areas and strengthening your core competencies. Don’t fall into the trap of competing with your classmates. We are all physical therapists and anyone who passes NPTE is a winner.

Build momentum as you get closer to the NPTE and start putting in long hours only towards the end to peak at the right time. Stay confident till the end and give your best on the NPTE. For many, it is psychologically easiest to pass an exam on the first attempt- give preparations your all, and don’t assume that because you did well academically you will automatically succeed with the NPTE without sufficient preparation.

Good luck with your preparation for last few days. You can pass this entry level exam and start practicing as a licensed physical therapist. Feel free to contact us at NPTE Final Frontier if you have any questions.