How much should I study for NPTE ?

Phase 1 acute (first 2-3 weeks, 10 hrs a week) to review foundations like basic anatomy, nerve supplies, dermatomes, mmt, special tests etc.

Phase 2 sub-acute (5-6 weeks 15 hrs a week) to thoroughly review therapy ed/score builders. Also read selected topics from textbooks not covered in review books (e.g. Pusher Syndrome).

Phase 3 final push (3 weeks, 8 hrs a day) to revise key topics and weak areas. Take a practice test at the end of each phase and solve both PEAT exams during phase 3. PEAT is the gold standard and ideal dates for PEAT would be June 26-30 and July 5 for the July exam. Feel free to contact if you need a customized 81 day timetable which includes topics for each day, along with which book to follow for each topic and related NPTE categories.

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