Full Intensive Review Course

11 week online preparation

This online interactive course is a thorough preparation for the NPTE. The course includes live, interactive webinars from our lead instructor, Dr. Bhupinder Singh, with weekly Q&A sessions; an independent study timeline; access to digital study groups; and study oriented course assignments.  All the class lectures will be recorded and available for the duration of the course.


Diagnostic Session

Exam preparation consultation

Are you unsure of how prepared you need to be for the NPTE? Do you want a consultation from one of our exam experts on test taking strategies, or to determine content or non-content areas that may be holding you back from passing the NPTE? The one-on-one Diagnostic Session is the best way to determine your optimal study strategies, recommended preparation methods, and to uncover underlying obstacles to success on the NPTE. The Diagnostic Session is like a first patient visit to a PT clinic. At the conclusion of the Diagnostic Session we will present recommendations and provide an individualized study plan, for you to proceed with your exam preparation with confidence.

Independent Study Bundle

Study at your own pace

For students who prefer to study at their own pace, we also offer an Independent Study Bundle. The Independent Study Bundle includes all Review Course materials and access to videotaped lecture material. Live classes and study group access are not included in the Independent Study Bundle. The study bundle is an affordable, flexible choice for students who want a framework for guiding their study efforts.

College Student

Online Community

Guidance & Inspiration

NPTE Final Frontier evolved from a large and vibrant Facebook community. Today, we are one of the most active and collaborative resources for DPT students as well as foreign trained therapists at all stages of preparing for NPTE.

Whatever you’re struggling with, NPTE The Final Frontier is here to help you achieve your goals. Contact us to find out more.


NPTE The Final Frontier community is here

For many physical therapy students, passing the NPTE is the biggest hurdle to becoming licensed physical therapists. We at NPTE Final Frontier want to equip students with all the resources they need to achieve success on the NPTE. Whether you are preparing for your first attempt or a repeat attempt, you are not alone. Join the NPTE Final Frontier Facebook group to stay connected with hundreds of students trying to achieve the same goals. If you are looking for a study partner, you can find one here at the NPTE Final Frontier.

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